Artea is a bubble tea restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. The owners came to us early on to create a logo but ended up utilizing our services for digital and interior branding. They requested for the look and feel of the brand to be trendy and comfortable while still invoking the history of their culture.


For this restaurant we wanted to create a simple but bold logo that would represent this trendy concept. Placed close to the University of Texas at San Antonio, we wanted to make sure that it would become a recognizable and fun brand to appeal to the younger students.


One of the requests that the owners had was to include a Formosan Black Bear in the logo. It has a distinctive "v" or moon-shaped mark on its chest. In order for us to accentuate this unique mark we chose to design the bear showing its full chest by having his face looking back. For the text, we wanted to make sure that "tea" was read properly and so we differentiated the color of the last three letters.

KFW Engineers Luna Creative Photo Mockup


One of the more fun aspects of this project was coming up with look and feel of the incorporated design elements. This includes designs for the interior looks of the restaurant as well as the cups and seals for the tea. 


One of the best parts of this project was being able to come up with the design and animations for the digital menu. The conceptualization for the 4-tv display combined our design, animation and photography services into one creative and visually-appealing menu.


Our goal was to create a light and airy website that could both inform incoming visitors about the restaurant while also giving them the menus in a unique way. We created a series of offset columns and photos that help give the site an appealing feel.

KFW Engineers Luna Creative Web Design


In addition to branding, we were also contracted to help direct the look and feel of the interior space of the restaurant. In coordination with the architects, we came up with the graphics and design for the interior and used our 3D capabilities to show the finished design to the Artea team.

KFW Engineers Luna Creative Photo Mockup


The photography section of the branding was very important as it would be used to represent both the food and drinks being served at the restaurant. We used a professional photo set up in order to create the imagery that would represent their menu.