Stratton Rehab is one of the most well-known and trusted physical therapy and rehab centers in San Antonio. Having opened their second location in San Antonio, the owners thought that it was time to update the look and feel of their brand that would help set them apart from many of the other facilities in the area.


After meeting with the company leadership, we came to a consensus to make their logo look less medical, as it had looked previously, and focus more on the physical activity/sporty nature of much of their clientele. 


The shape of the icon was inspired by da Vinci’s famous drawing of the human body. The decision to stray away from basic shapes like a square or a circle also helps make the logo more recognizable. The combined “S” and “R” within the icon create a minimalistic and unique monogram that is strong enough to stand on its own.


As is the case with the majority of the companies that we rebrand, the next step of Stratton's transformation was updating their website. As with their logo, the outdated color scheme was removed and a more modern and updated look was implemented. 

KFW Engineers Luna Creative Web Design


We always encourage our clients to have new photos taken when going through a rebrand or updating their website. Stratton hired us to photograph their staff and services as well as create testimonial videos.

KFW Engineers Luna Creative Mobile Friendly Website Design


Stratton is the name you want to know if you get a sports or athletic injury in the San Antonio area. They have treated hundreds of athletes of all ages and competitive levels from around the city with legendary success. We were asked to take the stories of some of their patients and create engaging video that explain their rehabilitation journeys.


In order to fully complete the rebrand, we also redesigned and updated all of their marketing collateral; from business cards and brochures, to promotional items such as custom-branded bags, socks, and tradeshow displays.