Valet Laundry


Valet Laundry was a company that launched a service doing exactly what their name stated - picking up laundry from your house, washing it and returning it back to you the next day. This valet service grew in popularity as people continually have less and less time to perform these necessary tasks each week.


The logo needed to be something that was clean and simple while still incorporating a recognizable icon. Knowing that an app was in the works, we wanted to make sure that the icon would work well on its own when not placed alongside the wordmark.


We created this unique logo by pairing a clean, sans-serif font next to the more detailed icon. The icon was formed by creating a "V" that appeared to be hung on a hanger but also represented the "V" in the name.


Since the idea of pickup and delivery laundry wasn't too mainstream, we focused the website on educating potential customers of how the service worked. This included not only written descriptions but also an explainer video as well.


Being a new business, we had the ability to help guide and design much of their brand. This included items such as their wrapped vans in addition to more standard items such as business cards.


As is the case with most sites, photography of the product and the people was needed in order to give customers a proper sense of how the service worked.